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The Gotham Knights Watch covers the weekly episodes of CW’s Gotham Knights. Each week Jake and Sarah dove into the recap, making sure to point out comic connections and making predictions for where our new Knights are heading.


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The Gotham Knights Watch Poison Pills

Only three episodes of Gotham Knights are left after this episode. What's going to happen to the Knights? Is everyone going to make it to the end of the...
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The Gotham Knights Watch Dark Knight of the Soul

This week we discuss Dark Knight of The Soul, which was a huge episode for the Court, Turner, Harvey, and Sharper. We also discuss the future, like will Cullen...
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The Gotham Knights Watch Belly of the Beast

What a roller coaster of an episode, and what a cliffhanger!! The Gotham Knights are all over the place in this episode between Stephanie confronting family problems, Cullen and...
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The Gotham Knights Watch Bad to Be Good

We are very sad that Jake had to miss this week, but Ben steps in to guest-host this episode with Sarah. We discuss the episode, some predictions for the...
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The Gotham Knights Watch A Chill in Gotham

Under the table meetings, a bottle of whiskey, some very illegal surgery, and a mirror breaking all add up to a really great episode! We unpack everything that happened...
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The Gotham Knights Watch More Money More Problems

How is it every episode we get answers yet still so many more questions?? Who is triggering Harvey and for what reason? Is Duela going to betray the group?...
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The Gotham Knights Watch Of Butchers and Betrayals

Holy reveals Bat Brats! There was so much packed into this episode. We discuss creepy old ladies, betraying younger ladies, and a super old evil man. Plus, lots of...
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The Gotham Knights Watch Under Pressure

This week we discuss season one episode three Under Pressure, or as Jake likes to think of it, A Very Harvey Episode. We recap the episode and discuss who...
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The Gotham Knights Watch Scene of the Crime

We're back to discuss Season 1 Episode 2: Scene of the Crime. Who can be trusted? Who can be depended on? And most importantly, is it Turela or Durner?Music:...
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The Gotham Knights Watch Pilot

This week we recap and discuss the Pilot for Gotham Knights. This episode will have spoilers for what happens in the episode, and another spoiler: we loved it. We...
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