Fandom Limb Media

About Fandom Limb Media

Fandom Limb Media is a podcast network with a focus on TV/Film/General nerdery. 

We’re putting together a family of podcasts that live in the same sphere of interests, in an effort to cross-pollenate in order to help one-another grow. By promoting and supporting one-another, we can find an audience that may have eluded us on our own. 

We believe in the concept of strength in numbers. A chief purpose of podcast networks is to use the combined stats of several shows to appeal to more serious (and better-paying) advertisers and sponsors. So by banding together, we all increase one-another’s chances at making a little bit of money with this often-too-expensive hobby/calling/obsession that is podcasting.

So, here’s the deal: If you have a podcast, especially one that involves Film/TV or nerdy subject matter, and you feel like being part of a network can help you expand your audience, or even if you just like the idea of having a group of podcasters in the same realm to interact with, give us a shout at the contact link above. 

If you’d like some more details, we also have an FAQ page. We look forward to listening to your show. With any luck, we can team up to create a Podcast Kaiju. Or, like, a megazord or something. 

Who's bright idea was this, anyway?

Shawn McBee

Shawn McBee

Shawn is a graphic designer in the Film industry who podcasts in those brief times he calls "free time." He produces and co-hosts two podcasts: "Table Reads" and "Stargirl Aftershow" and has previously co-hosted "Touché El Douché" and "Nerdgasm."

This network is his way of using what he's learned from several years of podcasting to assist others on their journey in whatever way he can.

He still feels weird writing about himself in the third-person.