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What is a podcast network?

A podcast network is a unified group of podcasts that use their collective numbers to negotiate better advertising opportunities for the entire network, while also bolstering listenership among the respective shows through cross-promotion and guest exchanges.

Why should I join Fandom Limb Media?

When you join Fandom Limb Media, you get:

• Unlimited Hosting with the best stats in the industry

• The option to monetize your content with dynamic ads

• Automatic publishing to dozens of the top podcast distribution platforms, including Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio and many more. We’ll also help to ensure your podcast is available on every conceivable place someone would look for your podcast.

• Access to a library of licensed, royalty-free music & sfx for your show

• A dedicated page on the fandom limb site with posts updated automatically each time you post an episode (with a link to your dedicated site if you have one)

• Cross-promotions from other shows on the network

• A private Discord Server to interact with the other shows, set up guest exchanges, and vote on matters pertaining to the network.

What kind of shows are you looking for?

Mostly TV/Film/Comics/Games — y’know, nerdy stuff! 

We’re open to all kinds of shows, but we think shows will benefit most from commingling with other shows of the same general sort of audience. 

But what’s most important is whether you think we’d be a good home for your podcast!

How many downloads do I have to have in order to join?

Our goal is to build a family of podcasts that will help each other to become successful (or more successful). Sometimes, even the best shows struggle to find an audience on their own. 

That’s why we don’t care about your download numbers. Our only concern is that you have a show with good content and good audio that you plan to keep making for the foreseeable future. Together, we’ll help build those numbers up and help you to find your audience. 

What does it cost to be on the network?

Each show pays a flat $10 fee to help cover our expenses, as well as 10% of revenue that is generated by the network. We’re happy to deduct the network fees from the show’s ad revenue to avoid out-of-pocket costs, but since our shows aren’t required to run ads, we state the price as $10 to provide full transparency. 

You keep 100% of any revenue you bring in on your own, through your own sponsorships, Patreon, etc.

All-in-all, it’s cheaper than even the most basic podcast hosting plans, but with pro-level features and additional benefits.

Why does it cost anything?

In addition to being a cooperative community, we’re also providing pro-level hosting for your show, with industry-leading analytics and monetization options, a dedicated page for your podcast on our site, and access to a huge music/SFX library to use for your show with no copyright restrictions. 

So, while we can’t offer all this for free, we’ve done everything we can to make sure that $10 gets you a lot more with us than anywhere else. 

Can I pitch my show to you?

We’re currently looking for shows that are already being released. We don’t care how many listens you’re getting, but it is important that you know how to record and release a show, because you’ll do all your own show management. As such, we prefer shows that have at least 10 episodes released.

I'm in! How do I join?

Hey, alright! Glad you’re into it! If you’re interested in joining, just head to our CONTACT page and send a message with a link to your podcast, as well as a note about which episode or episodes you think best represent the show.


Do you produce and/or edit podcasts?

No. Our focus is on distribution. Our members are responsible for uploading a finished product, whether they produce and edit themselves, or use a third party service. 

If I join, will I be under contract?

We do have a contract to protect all parties involved, BUT there is no length of term specified in the contract. We want you to stay because it’s a good fit and a good value for you. If at any point you feel that the network is no longer a good fit for you, we’ll help you transition elsewhere with our best wishes for your future success. 

How often do I have to post episodes?

Well, that’s up to you, dude! It’s your show, you make it on whatever schedule you like. 

Do I retain the ownership/rights to my show?

YES. 100%.

What are your content guidelines?

First, we don’t have editorial oversight. We don’t need to approve your content and won’t ask you to change or take anything down. 

That said, there are certain rules that are above us, at the hosting service level, such as restrictions on hate speech. We don’t impose any extra limitations, but we also can’t exempt you from rules that we’re all subject to, and which are common to all hosting services. 

Got a question we didn’t cover? CONTACT US and we’ll get back to you!