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Stargirl Aftershow is the closest thing you’ll find to an “official” podcast about DC’s Stargirl on the CW! Every episode has exclusive behind the scenes info, and no podcast has more exclusive interviews with cast and crew… No podcast has more insight on the show, guaranteed!


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Stargirl Aftershow Earth-Prime Comic Review w/ Jerry Ordway

This episode is coming a bit late due to some Covid issues, but we've got enough awesomeness to make the wait worth it, because we have a super in-depth interview...
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Stargirl Aftershow Stragirl Season 2 Recap – With the JSA cast!

As promised, we had Brec, Yvette, Cameron and Anjelika LIVE and IN-STUDIO for a spirited recap of #DCStargirl S2, some fun games, some S3 talk and, like, we may discuss...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 213

It's the season finale and we're talking to the littlest Big Bad, Milo Stein, who played the evil child incarnation of Eclipso! And of course we walk you through all...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 212 w/ James Robinson

It's the penultimate episode of the season, and we're talking with Co-Executive producer, writer, and comic book legend, James Robinson! James is the man who put the Cosmic Staff in...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 211 w/ Meg DeLacy

Join us as we journey into the shadowlands with special guest Meg DeLacy, as she discusses Cindy's return, her incredible bond with Yvette Monreal and what's going on with season...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 210 w/ Jonathan Cake

We discuss Pat and Courtney's fractured relationship, the return of Jade, and Jonathan Cake joins us to discuss all things Shade!Remember you can follow Stargirl Aftershow on Instagram and Twitter:...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 209

We can not overstate how thrilled we are to have the original Scarlet Speedster, the Golden Age guru of the JSA, JOHN WESLEY SHIPP join us on this episode to...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 208

Cameron Gellman joins us as we discuss possibly the darkest episode of the season, what Rick really fears and what Grundy is REALLY like behind the scenes!Remember you can follow...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 207

Yvette Monreal joins us to talk about this amazing, Yolanda-Centric episode! plus, we delve into what the real cause of Yolanda's demons could be, why STRIPE rocks out so hard,...
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Stargirl Aftershow STARGIRL 206

It's the most exciting episode of Stargirl so far this season, and with us to discuss it is Stargirl herself, Brec Bassinger! She's got the behind the scenes scoops you...
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