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Stargirl Aftershow is the closest thing you’ll find to an “official” podcast about DC’s Stargirl on the CW! Every episode has exclusive behind the scenes info, and no podcast has more exclusive interviews with cast and crew… No podcast has more insight on the show, guaranteed!


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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 13 – The Reckoning w/ Geoff Johns

It’s the series finale of #DCStargirl and there’s SO MUCH to discuss! We break down the episode AND speak to Geoff Johns about deleted scenes, finding Brec, the end of...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 12 – The Last Will and Testament of Sylvester Pemberton

It's the penultimate episode of DC's Stargirl and things are getting REAL! Sarah and Shawn go deep on this episode of revelations and surprises! Rather than bring on a guest,...
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Stargirl Aftershow Yvette Monreal Interview

This is the interview that was missing from last week's episode, all on its own for people who already listened to the episode but want to hear the interview! If...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 11 – The Haunting

The Crocks are dead, Icicle is back, and there's still a mutant Gorilla on the loose. Join Sarah and Shawn as they discuss an episode full of revelations, including some...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 10 – The Killer w/ Brec Bassinger

A monster on the loose, a killer revealed, and a Brec Bassinger discussing her Saturn Win, Stargirl ending, and so much more!Remember you can follow Stargirl Aftershow on Instagram and...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 9 – The Monsters w/ Anjelika Washington

This episode title DELIVERS and in the best possible way! Sarah and Shawn break down The Monsters and Shawn has a nice long chat with Anjelika Washington about the important...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 8 – Infinity Inc Pt 2 w/ Tim Gabriel

Is this a backdoor Pilot? Because it sure feels like a backdoor pilot! Sarah and Shawn discuss the whole episode, not JUST their dreams for a spin-off...Then, in our exclusive...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 7 – Infinity Inc Pt 1 w/ Cameron Gellman

It's the return of Jade and the Shade! The power duo we didn't know we wanted! Sarah and Shawn break down this exciting episode with a ton of exclusive Behind...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 6 – The Betrayal w/ Lea Thompson

Shawn and Sarah discuss the fight we've waited three seasons for, what the Ice Grandparents are up to, and how to mortify your teenager! Don't miss our coverage of #DCStargirl...
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Stargirl Aftershow Frenemies Chapter 5 – The Thief w/ Hunter Sansone

Sarah and Shawn take you through the newest developments of our Blue Valley Murder Mystery with Frenemies Chapter 5: The Thief! We also have a very friendly chat with Cameron...
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