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Dukes of Gaming – Starfield Delayed Until 2023 | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 53

This week, the Dukes discuss the unfortunate delays of 2023, in addition to a breakdown of the underwelming Indie Showcase from Nintendo.
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Dukes of Gaming – Square Sells Tomb Raider! | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 52

The Duke of Nostalgia has returned. In his first week back, we talk about Square selling off most of their western developers to Embracer Group. We also get into Prince...
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Dukes of Gaming – Is Ubisoft Looking to Sell? | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 51

This week, the dukes of Design and Anime talk about the potential sale of Ubisoft and WB Games. Other topics include Halo Infinite bad news, Jedi Fallen Order rumors, and...
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Dukes of Gaming – Kingdom Hearts 4 Officially Announced | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 50

Ladies and gents, Kingdom Hearts 4 has finally been unveiled. We also continue to talk about the success of Elden Ring, and whether the Switch 2 will be released next...
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Dukes of Gaming – Unreal Engine 5 is Here | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 49

The Dukes of Design, Education, and Anime talk about the potential future of games with the release of Unreal Engine 5
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Dukes of Gaming – As E3 Dies, Spartacus Rises | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 48

Have we seen the end of E3 as we know it? How bummed are the dukes about Breath of the Wild being delayed? Finally, what do we think of the...
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Dukes of Gaming – The Witcher 4 Officially Announced! | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 47

CD Project Red officially announced their follow-up to The Witcher 3. Sony expected to unveil their Game Pass competitor. All that and more on this week's Dukes of Gaming podcast.
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Dukes of Gaming – Hogwarts Legacy Impressions | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 46

This week, we discuss our excitement level for Hogwarts Legacy, which was shown off during a Sony State of Play.
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Dukes of Gaming – Russia Legalizes Piracy | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 45

The Dukes discuss Russia legalizing piracy and how that impacts the gaming industry. We also talk about the recent State of Play, as well as the difficulty of FromSoftware games.
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Dukes of Gaming – Is Elden Ring one of the GOATs? | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 44

This week we welcome our special guest Matthew Bliss, as we discuss deeper thoughts into Elden Ring. In addition, we talk about how the war in Ukraine effects the industry.
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