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Dukes of Gaming – A PlayStation 4 Retrospective | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 20

The winner of the 8th generation of video games, the PS4 gets the royal retrospective from the Dukes of Gaming.
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Dukes of Gaming – Playstation Showcase Reactions | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 19

The Dukes dive head first into the Playstation Showcase event from Sony. From the highs (Wolverine), to the lows (GTA 5 delayed), we tackle each announcement from a royal perspective
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Dukes of Gaming – Playstation’s Cross-gen Hijinks | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 18

This week the Dukes lament about how much rougher Playstation's cross-gen implementation is than XBox's. Then, what's in store for us at Playstation's big 2021 showcase?
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Dukes of Gaming – Ganescom Heat | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 17

This week, the Dukes go in-depth on the major announcements and trailers from Gamescom 2021.
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Dukes of Gaming – Is Pokemon in Good Hands? | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 16

This week, the Dukes talk about Gamescom & the new trailers for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.
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Dukes of Gaming – Can PSVR 2 Deliver? | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 15

This week, the Dukes talk about the future of PSVR and its chances to bring VR to the next level. We also talk about the Nintendo Indie Showcase and some...
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Dukes of Gaming – Day’s Gone – Ben’s Book Club Ep. 1

Days Gone, the long delayed project from Bend Studio, gets dissected by the Dukes of Gaming. Ben's Book Club is different kind of review, focusing on themes, storytelling, and
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Dukes of Gaming – A Nintendo Switch Special | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 14

In this episode, we explore the contentious history of the Switch... and the inevitable contentions future of this ridiculous system.
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Dukes of Gaming – The Most Exciting Games of 2021 – Dukes of Gaming Ep. 13

It's a slow, summer news week in the Video Games Industry. Join us as we take a break from the now, and ponder on games to come
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Dukes of Gaming – A Netflix/Playstation Love Story? – Dukes of Gaming Ep. 12

Is Netflix getting into the gaming industry??? This week, the dukes discuss the rumors surrounding a possible Netflix / PlayStation team up and what Netflix might have to offer when...
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