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Dukes of Gaming – The Biggest Cultural Moments in Gaming History | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 61

This week, The Dukes of Anime and Rocket League discuss some of the biggest cultural moments in gaming history, in addition to having a follow-up conversation about the future of...
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Dukes of Gaming – Nintendo Direct Mini Review | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 60

This week, Alfredo and Nick spill their most controversial takes. In addition, we review Nintendo's latest direct.
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Dukes of Gaming – The Best Gaming Years of All Time | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 59

This week, the Dukes debate the greatest years in gaming of all time, along with discussing the Nintendo Direct Mini and the Horizon tv show for Netflix.
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Dukes of Gaming – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Is Coming! | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 58

With Summer Games Fest wrapping up, two Dukes go over the final two showcase events from Capcom and Square Enix. We also get do a first impressions for the new...
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Dukes of Gaming – The Best of not-E3 | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 57

In one of the biggest gaming weeks of the year, the Dukes review all the major showcases from Summer Games Fest.
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Dukes of Gaming – The Best State of Play Ever? | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 56

Did we just experience the best State of Play ever? With Summer Games Fest closing in, Sony shocked with a presentation to end all presentations. We also go over the...
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Dukes of Gaming – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Sequel Officially Announced | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 55

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has been officially announced, we go over our Fantasy Draft midway through the year, and we discuss who is winning the "console war" between Sony and...
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Dukes of Gaming – EA Looking to Sell? | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 54

Will EA sell their business? PS Plus games look really compelling, and Nick and Clams rave over Ring Fit Adventure. All that and more, on the Dukes of Gaming!
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Dukes of Gaming – Starfield Delayed Until 2023 | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 53

This week, the Dukes discuss the unfortunate delays of 2023, in addition to a breakdown of the underwelming Indie Showcase from Nintendo.
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Dukes of Gaming – Square Sells Tomb Raider! | Dukes of Gaming Ep. 52

The Duke of Nostalgia has returned. In his first week back, we talk about Square selling off most of their western developers to Embracer Group. We also get into Prince...
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