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Shawn, Josh and Jeff work tirelessly to bring to life the screenplays that Hollywood tried to keep from you! Movies that were never made, but should have been! Movies that were never made and for good reason! Movies that definitely should NOT have been made, but you kind of wish you could see them anyway!

These brave scriptonauts subject themselves to scripts good and bad (mostly bad), acting them out and editorializing for your entertainment!


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Table Reads 133 – Bill & Ted’s Friggin’ Badass Voyage, Part 3

Our rebooted Bill & Ted continue on their "voyage" through time, picking up as many historical figures that are roughly analogous to the ones from the original film as they...
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Table Reads 132 – Bill & Ted’s Friggin’ Badass Voyage, Part 2

Bill and Ted's Friggin' Badass Voyage continues as they begin to collect historical figures in earnest... Adding Eric the Red, Cleopatra and Calamity Jane to their roster... There's also a...
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Table Reads 131 – Bill & Ted’s Friggin’ Badass Voyage, Part 1

Bill and Ted will face the music soon, but in 2007 they almost faced the threat of a reboot! Why the studio felt hat a new generation wanted a Keanu-free...
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Table Reads 130 – The Star Wars, Part 8

It’s finally the end of The Star Wars! Have you ever gone to write “Happy Birthday” or something as one line, and you start out with real big letters and...
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Table Reads 129 – The Star Wars, Part 7

There is some really unfamiliar stuff happening, but with familiar names! Like giant, slimy (but also hairy) creatures called JAWAS! Also, BERU turns up on YAVIN, but she’s some weird...
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Table Reads 128 – The Star Wars, Part 6

Strangely enough, with part six we kind of start understand what’s happening in this script! We’re not given new information or anything… It just sort of brute-forced itself in and...
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Table Reads 127 – The Star Wars, Part 5

As we head into the second half of the script, our heroes are still trying to escape Townowi with the royal children, droids and… uh, liquified scientist brains. They go...
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Table Reads 126 – The Star Wars, Part 4

While George continues serving up a complex web of political intrigue to rival Game of Thrones, he throws in the most insane bonkers hard sci-fi bullshit we’ve ever seen… Like,...
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Table Reads 125 – The Star Wars, Part 3

We made it to part 3 of The Star Wars! This week, we have in store for you… like 30 more characters that have a line of dialogue or less,...
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Table Reads 124 – The Star Wars, Part 2

It’s part two, and we’re giving you more of everything you love about Star Wars; Political maneuvering! Debate! Senatorial grandstanding! The heroic lead punching a princess in the face! Dozens...
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