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License to Watch is a show about franchises, movie franchises! Join comedians Matt McGregor, Harris McCabe and Colin Shaw as they try to unearth the perfect movie franchise. Does one truly exist? They’ll be analyzing some of your favorite film franchises one movie at a time with some help from industry guests! Find out which movies are deserving of a…license to watch!


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License To Watch – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (w/ Shela Maung)

Wingardium LevioSAH! We're back and the topic of today's show is that mutha flippin' chamber of secrets, BOIIII!! Dumbledore's secrets? Perhaps... tune in to find out!Joining us to discuss the...
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License To Watch – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (w/ Jarale Phillips)

And just like that....ABRA CADABRA, Y'ALL! It's time for a new franchiiiiiise!HARRY POTTER is the topic for the next few weeks as we dive deep into the magic and the...
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License To Watch – Rocky – Franchise Ranking and Wrap Up!

Come and find out how these movies weigh in! We rank all 6 Rocky movies right here! Which one will come out on top and which is the ultimate stinker?After...
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License To Watch – Rocky Balboa (w/ Megan Seely)

This is the final round, baby!Sixteen years after Rocky V comes this final* movie of the original Rocky film series. Does the series go out on a high note or...
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License To Watch – Rocky V (w/ Arbi Derzakharian)

GO FOR IT!Rocky's back and he's dumber than ever! Proving that money makes you smarter, Rocky Balboa goes back to basics in this classically forgettable sequel. So many odd choices.....
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License To Watch – Rocky IV (w/ Juel Taylor & Tony Rettenmaier)

If we ever needed someone to stop Russia again...NOW IS THE TIME.Rocky Balboa returns once again to battle his greatest foe yet: THE SOVIET UNION.Statistically, this movie is 33% montage,...
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License To Watch – Rocky III (w/ Sean Addo)

I pity the fool who doesn't like Rocky 3!That's right, this is the one where Rocky fights Mr. T, aka CLUBBER LANG, which could possibly be the best character name...
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License To Watch – Rocky II (w/ Michael Starr)

REEEEMAAAATCHHHHHH!!That's right, it's Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed for the title....again! This time the movie is directed by Stallone too! What can't that man do? We all thoroughly enjoyed this...
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License To Watch – Rocky (w/ Colleen McGregor)

100 EPISOOOOOOODESSSS!!We did it, boys and girls! The first episode of 2022 is also our 100th official episode! It's an incredible landmark that we're all very excited about here at...
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License To Watch – Blade – Franchise Ranking and Wrap Up!

Blade, we hardly knew ye! Thanks to all of our guests for this series:Chandler SmidtSuraj DasDon Fisco Happy Holidays to all of you WATCHERS out there! Keep watching those movies...
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