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Underground Nerd Nation – Hercules vs Jack the Ripper! Records of Ragnarok Season 2 review

Records of Ragnaork season 2 has finally dropped and we give our take on the newest season of such a wild anime. Please like, comment, and subscribe and tell us...
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Underground Nerd Nation – My Hero Academia is the Greatest Anime Ever

What it do nerd crew. We have just wrapped up watching the 1st half of the newest season of My Hero Academia and we share our thoughts on what we...
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Underground Nerd Nation – Video Game Awards 2022 Review

Welcome to the Underground Nerd Nation Podcast and this episode we review the 2022 Video Game Awards. Lots to unload so hope you enjoy. If you havent already, please hit...
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Underground Nerd Nation – A Happy Thanksgiving Nerd Special!

Happy Thanksgiving. We decided to go back on the year and talk about what we are thankful for this past year and do a top 3 rankings of the best...
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Underground Nerd Nation – Black Panther Wakanda Forever ends Marvel Phase 4 with a bang!

This episode, we give our review for the last project of the MCU phase 4 entry with Black Panther Wakanda Forever. It was emotional roller coaster and we were all...
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Underground Nerd Nation – Is Cyberpunk Edgerunners the best Netflix anime of 2022?

Night City, where the strong control everything and the weak feast in the streets to survive. We give our review of the Netflix original anime, Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Please like, subscribe,...
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Underground Nerd Nation – Does Tekken Bloodlines do the video game justice?

Welcome to the King of the Iron Fist Tournament. We are here to talk about the Netflix original anime, Tekken Bloodline. Base on the worldwide popular video game franchise, we...
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Underground Nerd Nation – D23 Expo delivers the future of what Disney has in store

Disney 23 Expo happened and we wanted to give our thoughts on the new upcoming news Disney has planned. Please like, subscribe, and comment if you are excited for what...
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Underground Nerd Nation – Is Black Adam actually a good DC?

And so the savior of Kahndaq shall rise and fight for his people. We review the newest entry of the DC cinematic universe with Black Adam. What a ride and...
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Underground Nerd Nation – SHE HULK! Best MCU TV series to date?

She is big. She is strong. She is sexy. She is green? We review Marvel Studios newest entry into the MCU She-Hulk. Please like, comment, and share to keep hope...
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