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Have you ever daydreamed about those sleepovers with friends where you’d watch movies and TV shows, play video games, and eat snacks and then chat late into the night about it? We did too! And we want to relive that! This is your formal invitation to our weekly sleepover here on Friday Island with hosts Neil Feeney and Zach Schut, where every day is Friday, and every Friday we release a new episode on all things entertainment: movies, tv shows, video games, and more!


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Friday Island Podcast – S2E21: Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

WHOA! There's a guy running around and killing people for the Egyptian moon god and another guy fighting off a red witch across the multiverse? Oh this must be another...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E20: Ambulance, Dune Revisited, and Oscar Talk

EMERGENCY, GET OUT OF THE WAY and listen to the boys talk all about Michael Bay's Ambulance! Which actor had always dreamed of being in a Bay film? Which actor...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E19: Dying Light 1 and 2 + PAX East

It's gaming week on Friday Island, and not only are the dudes goin' all in on the iconic zombie apocalypse parkour games, Dying Light 1 and 2, they even temporarily...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E18: Super Mario 64 and Quizzes!

Whoa, we're throwin it back to the 90s for this one! You better believe the boys are talkin about Mario 64 AND a couple throwback quizzes for Harry Potter and...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E17: Texas Chainsaw Massacre(s)

Alright listen up Friday Islanders, maybe you know the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but how much do you really know about it? What was the worst part of filming for...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E16: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Have you ever noticed how dark that side of the moon is? It's cuz there's some robots up there, they don't teach you that in school, but we do here!...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E15: Turning Red

What's big and fluffy and red all over? A magical girl who turns into a giant red panda when she's too overwhelmed, of course! This week, the boys are diving...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E14: The Copeland Serial Killers and Greyhound Deep Dive

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Friday Island Podcast – S2E13: Free Guy

You ever get that awkward episode when one of the mics only picks up half of the audio, and after a laborious editing process, some of the audio is abnormally...
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Friday Island Podcast – S2E12: The Batman

He is vengeance, he is darkness, he is the night, he is... the topic of this episode, The Batman! How did Robert Pattinson land the role? What inspired this eerie...
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