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Talking Documentary – Elizabeth Lo unearths the romantic lives of free-ranging dogs in “Stray”

In the United States, stray dogs are not allowed to live on the street. They are whisked away to live in concrete cells. The approach is very different in some...
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Talking Documentary – Justin Schein faces an unthinkable dilemma in “Left on Purpose”

Justin Schein is a veteran filmmaker who has worked with scores of documentary subjects, but nothing could prepare him for a man named Mayer Vishner. Schein thought he was making...
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Talking Documentary – Joe Brandmeier hits the road to interview married couples in “I Do.”

Joe Brandmeier was an average married guy who accepted the ups and downs of being coupled. But then a particularly tough patch in his marriage prompted him to think more...
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Talking Documentary – Pamela Littky captures the arc of high school standouts in “Most Likely to Succeed.”

Hollywood photographer Pamela Littky was overtaken by a nagging curiosity ... what happens, she wondered, to the thousands of kids named Most Likely to Succeed in high schools all across...
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Talking Documentary – Jesse Alk explores Kolkata’s mysterious native dogs in “Pariah Dog”

Jesse Alk's father, Howard, was a documentarian who died when Jesse was a toddler. Decades later, Jesse wound up retracing his father's footsteps to Kolkata, India, where Howard had documented...
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Talking Documentary – Dani Connor Wild discovers she’s a filmmaker while locked down in northern Sweden

Dani Connor Wild was volunteering for a wildlife photographer in northern Sweden when the Covid pandemic descended and locked her in place. For the next six months she lived alone...
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Talking Documentary – Michael Lucid goes back to school to tell the story of “Dirty Girls”

In 1996, Michael Lucid was a senior at the Crossroads school in Santa Monica, California. He noticed a social phenomenon that had the school buzzing and wanted to know...
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Talking Documentary – Pat Taggart unearths the story of a lifetime in “Billboard Boys”

In 1982, three young men from Allentown, Pa., climbed aboard a billboard in a competition to win an $18,000 mobile home. Times were tough, owning a home was an...
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Talking Documentary – Tommy Avallone stalks a legend in “The Bill Murray Stories”

The internet is awash in what are known as "Bill Murray stories." Murray crashing a bachelor party. Bill Murray joining a random kickball game. Bill Murray washing a stranger's...
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Talking Documentary – Jeremy Workman tracks the hero of “The World Before Your Feet”

When Jeremy Workman learned his friend, Matt Green, planned to walk every street in New York City, Workman did what any sensible filmmaker would do: he grabbed his camera...
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