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We’re the Pop Striker podcast, a weekly podcast where we discuss and complain about nerd culture and the pop culture that only matters to a superstitious and cowardly lot.


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Pop Striker Podcast – Bonus Content: Jean the Patriot!

Here's some cut content for you listeners!
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 11: Video Games and The Dirtbag Left

Even we don't know a good title for this episode! This is an old fashioned just us getting together, talking about random things we like and more! Clips used in...
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 10: The $UICIDEBOY$

Yo it's your 3 favorite boys and we're talking about James Gunn's suicide Squad! We talk about the movie, Batman and we just have an overall fun time come give...
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 9: The Late Late Show with Darrian & Dane

Hey guys sorry for such a late episode! We here at the Pop Striker Podcast are trying to keep this ball going and continue to grow and build our audience,...
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 8: HBO Presents Courage the Chainsaw Wielding Robotic Dog

The boys are back and we’re here to stay! Sorry for the long wait for the episode, due to some conflicts in scheduling this episode went out way later than...
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 7: The weird episode

Well look who it is! Welcome back to the strike and we hope you brought friends! In this episode of the Pop Striker Podcast, well discuss Akira, Robocop, oil shortages...
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 6: The Aliens Episode

Well here we go! This is a premium uncut episode where you here us talk about aliens, sex with aliens and minions! We also bring back friend of the pod...
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 5: Disney doesn’t underatand genetics

In this episode things get a little interesting we talk about the tv show Power, board games, the awful Power Puff girls script and more!
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 4: Rest In Peace Miura

Todays episode is a little different, in the opening of our show we pay tribute to our Favorite creator Kentaro Miura. Later in the show we talk Final Fantasy,...
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Pop Striker Podcast – Episode 3: The Machetecast

Hey welcome back Strikers in today's episode Darrian talks about the Movie Machete to Dane and Jean's agony and how much he hates boardwalk food! The boys toss some...
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